Some are called, others are chosen; but for this video project, I was definitely not chosen. :o)

I can honestly say I can make an in-ground miniature garden, complete with it’s own little lake, a LOT faster than I can make a video. This one took waaaaaaaay too long to make – but I think you’ll enjoy it!

Follow along while I decorate our newest section of our in-ground miniature garden for the July Fourth. You’ll see some other garden friends enjoying the festivities too. You’ll notice at the end of the video, I had to take-out those faux firework pillars (hey, don’t laugh – they ARE pillars in miniature!) because it was scaring the birds away from the miniature lake.

Here are some photos of this same garden from last August here. I’ve been accumulating the research and progress of this mini garden experiment in our Miniature Garden Society, where you’ll find a boatload of ideas, insight and inspiration on this new wonderful hobby of Gardening in Miniature.

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Happy Fourth!

From your friends in Miniature Gardening,

Janit & Steve

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