Did you expect anything less from your miniature gardener at Halloween? :o)

It’s crafty. It’s miniature. It’s gardeny. It’s super cute!

We’ve been carving miniature pumpkins for years here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center but this year, we’ve reeeeeaaaallllly done it.

I mean really.

While you can find miniature pumpkins at most grocery stores at this Halloween-y time of year, I have to admit, this tiny lil’ gourd shown in the video, we grew in our own garden. We’re still experimenting with growing them however, as sometimes the actual vine is smaller than usual, other times, the vine seems to be almost as big as a “regular” pumpkin vine.

And it doesn’t help that our full-sized garden is pret-ty full, and there isn’t really enough room for the pumpkin vines to run.

But we’re working on that.

It’s Miniature How To!

Click in an enjoy this short how-to to add to your Halloween decor. Miniature pumpkin carving is quick and rewarding. The main caveat is they don’t last long once they are carved. So, if you are carving them for a party, it really is best to do it the same day. I’ve tried to preserve them by keeping them outside or in the fridge, but it’s the moisture that quickly and starts to shrivel within 24 hours.

But it’s a LOT of fun and you’ll surprise and amaze your friends and family!

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