This miniature garden is one of “those” situations where is seems like an overnight – er, wait, I mean – over-a-year’s success. However, it took a loooong time to figure out how to get it to this point of just enjoying a true, in-ground garden in miniature.

And now, we can revel in the glory… Okay, that might be a tiny-bit overly dramatic, I’ve been ingesting too much lame-stream-news lately. How about, we can now revel in the play-ability of this year’s-long project!

It’s Fun to Have, Fun to Hang…

This past summer, it became routine for the three of us, Steve, myself and our dog, Kitty, to gather on the lawn, next to the in-ground miniature garden. It lives on the west side of the house, so we took advantage of the sunshine in the summertime, usually staying out until the sun faded.

Sometimes we would take turns puttering, pulling weeds and cleaning up any fallen leaves on the “mini garden bed.” Sometimes we brought the chairs closer to it and just hung out. Other times we had a blanket big enough for Kitty too (- there’s always a little competition for the “best spot.”)

Is In-Ground Miniature Gardening Hard to Do?

In short, it’s easy to do when you know what to do and when to do it. As with anything, I guess.

And sure, there is some maintenance involved as the plants grow and the garden weaves itself together – as all gardens do, I might add. But the real treat that comes from the tricks I’ve learned, (<~ see what I did there? there should be points for that :o) is what makes a big in-ground miniature garden just fun to have around and to hang around.

You can see more of this in-ground miniature garden, how I made it and what I’ve learned so far, after 20 years of growing them, (in some cases, trying to grow them,) in the Miniature Garden Society’s website here.

Meanwhile, enjoy this gallery of photos on our latest adventures with our big inground miniature garden. Click one of the photos to start the slideshow. I tried to put them in order but “the gallery” had a different opinion. Lol!

More Please Ma’am!

And here’s a video of our July Fourth celebration in the same big miniature garden, ICYMI. See it here.

Here’s another blog post about the Miniature Garden Society website here, which includes a list of most of the pages already up on the website.

To find the plants, parts, patios and pieces you see in the gardens, please visit our Miniature Garden Center store here. We’ve been building and growing the hobby for all to enjoy, since 2001.

To get the only newsletter dedicated to the hobby of gardening in miniature, please fill out the form on this page here.

And have a safe, fun, happy Halloweeeeen!! From your friends, Janit & Steve

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