A miniature Maple in a mini garden. I pulled together all my accessories that were in the fall palette to help create the theme for the occasion. Add a decoration or two and you’re good to go! This pot is about 12″ in diameter and would make a fun centerpiece for a couple/few hours.

Whew! “How a Happy, Heartwarming Hobby is Helpful for the Holidays?” That’s a LOT of alliteration all in one place. :o)

But, honestly, it really works. Not the alliteration, the ‘having a happy hobby’ to turn-to over the holidays, Silly!

Let me back-up a moment.

A Little Backstory

When I moved from Toronto to Seattle, across a continent and to another country, it was a gamble wether or not I could get my family to visit. (I was leaving behind 4 other siblings, two parents and a dozen cousins, aunts, uncles, and several nieces and nephews.) One of the deciding factors that encouraged the move, was my brother, my sister and her daughter, all lived in Vancouver, BC at that time in 1998.

So, I knew I had family close by and could drive a couple of hours to reconnect and do the holiday-thang.

That not-so-scary-scarecrow is a kit I’m thinking of creating. She’s a ton of fun to have around and completely posable!

Let me know if you would like to see this kit up on our online store?

Email us at:
Info @ TwoGreenThumbs.com!

I also knew that having the 3-year-old niece living out on this coast, would certainly draw other family members out here to visit, which, in turn, meant that I would get to see them too.

Because for some reason, I knew I wasn’t enough to inspire them to come all the way out to the west coast to visit just Steve and I.

This family situation lasted about 3 or 4 years until the three Vancouverites moved back to Toronto.

And, I was right. My family doesn’t visit.

I know, I know, this may sound very sad. I agree. Chalk it up to being the middle-child, or the black sheep of the family – or maybe both – ? But, wait – I do have a point here. (And, no worries, they don’t click-in to my websites nor read my blogs so I know I’m safe to share this with you. Lol!)

Speaking From Direct Experience

So, when I proclaim, “How a Happy, Heartwarming Hobby is Helpful for the Holidays,” I speak from direct experience.

I’ve always enjoyed my own company so I’m hardly ever lonely. I have my husband and my dog for company, confabs and/or silliness. And, I’ve always had my hobbies: art, crafting and gardening. I also love baking and, since we bought a house 13 years ago, there’s always something to repaint, redo or clean up. So, as of now, my weekend is BOOKED.

And, I’m looking forward to spending time reveling in my hobbies, without an agenda attached. Let the glue fall where it may! :o)

This weekend, aside from keeping an eye on our online store, I have several different projects lined up depending upon my level of energy.

  • If I find I need something mellow to tinker with, I can sit down and cozy-up with my miniature-making for the upcoming holidays.
  • If I need something more physical, I have a big miniature garden container that needs taking apart and redoing.
  • If I want to start something new, I have a cool little Hinoki that I’ve been training as a wee tree that now needs a garden.
  • And, if I don’t really feel like doing anything in particular, I’ll put on a podcast and just wander from the studio to the garden with no particular agenda, just do see where I end up.

You Can Do It Too

Meanwhile you too, can find your own peace and comfort in your hobbies! Here’s how:

  1. Find a hobby that tickles your soul. That makes you laugh when you have an idea, or see a component of it.
  2. Search for a hobby that you can stay with, can learn from, and, most importantly that can challenge you.
  3. Seek a hobby that you can grow along side of, that has different ways to master the many facets of said hobby.
  4. Hunt for a hobby that, if you see just one part of it, inspires you to drop everything and go do it.
  5. And, lastly, you’re looking for a hobby that gives you permission to PLAY! A hobby that says, “Go ahead, act your shoe size!”

Because if you have something that is especially “yours” on the schedule to do for holiday or for the weekend, it’ll make you feel like you belong right where you are. Because you do!

Miniature gardening, anyone?

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This little fairy was the right color, but the garden got a bit cluttered before I “edited” him out. Remember the design rule, “Less is more” when decoration your miniature garden. Sometimes the sweetest moments come from just one or two “moments.”

Steve and I would like to wish You and Yours
a very warm and cozy Thanksgiving weekend!

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Happy Thanksgiving from TwoGreenThumbs.com!

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