One of the many joys of miniature gardening is that it can be a really fun and personable gift that can last a long time. The one thing that we’ve learned about this hobby is that it’s so fun and rewarding – it becomes a little addictive! Personally I think that comes from the almost-instant gratification when you make a miniature garden: all the ingredients come together to make a super-cute scene that really isn’t that hard to do. This is why miniature gardens make such a great garden gift!


But wait. There’s more.

Giving the gift of miniature gardening to your mother can be an extra-added-long-lasting bonus for you because it will supply you with more gift ideas for the foreseeable future if she really takes to this new hobby! Think about it, how many times have you stressed about getting her a nice gift, at least three times a year, right? Your future Birthday, Mom’s Day and Christmas gifts are already lined up!


Giving the gift of miniature gardening can be an extra-added-long-lasting bonus for you because it will supply you with
MORE GIFT IDEAS for a birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day… you get the idea!

How to Gift Miniature Gardening

Here is a quick and easy flow chart to walk you through the process so you can choose the right plants. Be assured with this chart, you’ll be thinking of everything AND it’ll make the process stress-free and enjoyable for you too. Check out the photos with some of our past examples of set-ups too.

You’ll notice my very first question is, “Do they garden?”

The recipient needs to be some kind of gardener, or at least interested in learning about gardening, before you give them any plants.

I could tell you that being some kind of gardener isn’t a requirement and sell you something that will die in month just to make a sale, but that’s not how I roll. In order for the person – or in this case, your mother – to enjoy the gift of a miniature garden, they must have some knowledge of gardening or at least an interest in it.

This group of Miniature Gardens was taken in 2004 when I was selling them at street markets throughout the city. You can see the wide variety of gardens that you can make so instead of “paralysis by analysis,” let your budget guide you. You can always add to it, upgrade or build another mini garden, at any time…

And what if they are not a gardener?

If you know that they will enjoy the idea of gardening in miniature but are not a gardener, why not introduce them to the hobby? Consider supplying them with more information about miniature gardening. This way they will be more comfortable with the plant-part of it and will come into the hobby when they are ready. They’ll still remember that it was you that introduced them to this awesome pastime!

Otherwise, it’s like giving a person a puppy that they never expected to have and are not prepared to take care of it. Just because it’s cute, doesn’t mean that they won’t stress about looking after it. Simply put, if the person isn’t a gardener and you give them plants, you are gifting them stress and obligation because they’ll be afraid to kill it and disappoint you. You don’t want that, right? But if you can give them inspiration and a way to stay creative, now THAT’S something!

A Miniature Garden Kit Idea Gallery

See below for more ideas on building your own kit. OR we have some kits here, up in our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center store.

Your Miniature Garden Shopping List

And here’s a shopping list if you want to assemble your own, to make sure that you remember everything:

  • Tree or Shrub
  • 2 ground covers, aka ‘mini bedding plants’
  • Patio material
  • Mini Patio Mix Kit
  • An accessory for the garden bed
  • A bench or patio set for the patio
  • Instructions, an ebook or printed primer for the hobby

See what Miniature Garden Kits are in stock today here. Check back often, our inventory is always changing!

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It’s the Primer on the Hobby by the leader of the hobby, Janit Calvo! See it up in our store here.
Miniature Gardening with Mom for Mother's Day, with Janit Calvo

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