Pottery Barn Demo & Book Signing
It was a lot of fun showing everyone what I came up with when we combined Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center with Pottery Barn. That’s me, with my back to the camera on the right. It was a fun day!

During the launch for my first book, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World, I had been on high-alert, looking for different ways to grow indoors when Pottery Barn called. They wanted me to do a miniature garden demonstration at one of their stores here in Seattle. My first thought was “huh?” I mean, really, what does Pottery Barn have to do with gardening or even miniature gardening? Then I mulled it over, woke up at 2:13am with a new idea: indoor plants + cache pots + miniatures.


I love those “eureka moments.” They only happen when you least expect it.

A Cachepot? Wassat?

A cache pot is simply a pot without a drainage hole in it that you use to contain a potted plant.

The cachepot’s main purpose is to hide the nursery/plant pot so you can put it anywhere you like, on your TV  –  whoops, I’m dating myself, remember when you could do that? – Okay, you can put it on your mantle*, your dining room table* or even in your bathroom if there is enough light for the plant to enjoy.

When the plant needs water, you take the plant out of the cache pot, water it, let it drain in the sink and put it back in the cachepot. Easy-peasy!

Pottery Barn Gig Creates More Miniature Gardening for Indoors
This was part of our display for the demo at Pottery Barn. I re-invented the cache pot and combined it with a little miniature garden idea. You can use living potted plants or there are some fab artificial plants available these days that just require a dusting ever so often.

Now, What to I do with My Cachepot?

Cachepots are perfect for adding a pop of seasonal color anywhere you need it. Just keep in mind that seasonal annuals usually won’t live too long indoors, but you can have fun swapping it out for something different each month, or each season. Otherwise, there are a variety of houseplant that come in 4″ pots and are perfect for this idea. Make sure you’re putting the “right plant in the right place indoors too.”

And hey! It’s another reason to go plant shopping. For reals.

(*CAVEAT: Watch any pot, saucer or cache pot on your wood surfaces. If the cache pots are not glazed on the bottom of the container, they will wick moisture onto your good wood surface and leave that annoying ring – forever. Err on the side of caution always and watch any new set-up at first, to make sure it’s waterproof.

You can find plant coasters at your local independent garden center, they will have a few options for you and you can pick up a couple of 4″ houseplant at the same time BUT make sure the coaster is fool-proof. Don’t assume it will protect your table without testing it first. Cloth coasters will wick, cork pads will wick and even bamboo can wick moisture and ruin your good furniture. Plastic saucers can crack without you knowing as well. My preference is china plates from your local Sally Ann thrift shop. Get a pretty plate that matches your cachepot and/or your decor – they are foolproof.

Pottery Barn Gig Creates More Miniature Gardening for Indoors
A cache pot in a bowl filled with tumbled pebbles give the illusion of a miniature garden with the cache pot being a “large” container. The brown weathered markings of the cache pot was picked up in the color of the bowl – it was rimmed in the same brown.  The tree is alive and it’s our favorite Variegated English Boxwood that is almost always available at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. That seaweed-type plant material that I found at Pottery Barn on the “patio” is artificial.
More Miniature Gardening Ideas for Indoors
And you can still have fun with the tiny miniature garden details. That’s a real baby Hen & Chick in the tiny pot. The gnome is staked to stay in plants. (Find him at TwoGreenThumbs.com)

Cachepot Miniature Gardening

To put your own little scene together, you’ll need:

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens
At home, I tried some different combos with the dishes that I had on hand. Some of the smaller gardens made me say, “Oh, how twee!” If the scene makes you giggle when it’s done, then you’ve done it right.
Miniature Garden Ad
Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens
Using the cache pot in the dish idea, I came up with my own version. Even though my cache pot was a bit tall for the nursery pot, it still worked in this shallow bowl. The driftwood helped to nestle-in the cachepot and bridge the gap between it, and the miniatures for a cohesive scene. The larger plant is an indoor Dracaena. The smaller plants in the wee pot are Sedum cuttings from Two Green Thumbs.
Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens
And tried it with a couple of different houseplants… That’s a pilea that’s a bit leggy but it still works. You can start to enjoy how the plant changes the personality of the miniature scene.
Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens
And here, with a perfect Primose for spring. Still very fun and really, really simple – this is the perfect idea is for any black thumb, or think retirement communities where the ability to dote on plants may be limited.
Fairy Gardening with Two Green Thumbs.com
More Miniature Gardening Ideas for Indoors
I tried it in a basket. It didn’t work as well as the dish but I think it could with the right combination of cache pot and basket. I lined the basket with a plastic bag before putting in the cache pot and then pouring the pebbles around it.

See the variety of miniature pebbles and tumbled stone up in our online Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center here.

More Miniature Gardening Ideas for Indoors
The same basket as above but with a Variegated Boxwood tree from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. The black, poly pot was a little too big for the cache pot and didn’t look right despite me trying to hide it with moss. This scene could have used another birdbath or more miniature garden art to help tell the story.

Find the Variegated Boxwood Tree here and/or your miniature driftwood? Find it here, up in our online store.

You Can Do It Too!

Now it’s your turn! Look around your potting bench, garage, cupboards and china cabinet for a cachepot and dish combo and start assembling this fun and easy project. It’ll add a bit of whimsy to you day – because it’s perfect for the office too! This idea can be applied to any occasion too, just find the seasonal plants with a miniature or three and have fun.

Want an even easier way to do this? Check out our other blog post on this idea here: More Quick and Cute: Adorable Indoor Miniature Garden Ideas.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens
Just like all things miniature garden, the fun is in the details and you can customize your miniature garden do suit just about any occasion.

You can find miniature water features, tiny birdbaths, miniature pots and all kinds of mini pebbles up in our store too.

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