Holidays are a grand excuse to show-off your miniature garden skills to your friends, family and neighbors. One little-know fact about miniature gardening is that the gardens can last for years and years. So, when we do have a chance to create a new mini garden – after doing the yippy-skippy dance – we jump on it.

That’s IF you need a reason to play. :o)

Get ready for the holiday and set-up a mini garden container by the front door for your visitors, decorate your in-ground miniature landscaped garden for your neighbors, or include a miniature garden centerpiece with your “full-sized” Easter display for your family gathering.

And prepare for smiles.

Check out this video below for some inspiration to get you started. Remember to color coordinate the theme with your general miniatures to help you decorate for the holiday – it saves a bit of money and you get to play with your minis!

About Storing Your Garden Miniatures

So, after the Easter weekend, I can take out the eggs and some of the bunnies and it’ll look perfect for the rest of the spring season while I get ready to transition to July 4th. But, what to do with the Easter stuff? A lot of people use those compartmentalized storage containers for jewelry but I find them limiting because they are usually only one size – and a small size at that. I can’t fit my staked garden art statues, benches or birdbaths in there!

Depending upon the size of your collection of miniatures, a tackle box for fishing is almost perfect for us mini gardeners. It’s got small compartments for our tiny stuff, and larger sections in the bottom for our larger accessories. These tackle boxes come in a variety of sizes too, with different tray configurations and bigger sections that can snap on or off the main box. If you are obsessed like I am, I would probably go for a small-ish tackle-box for each theme.

I love how I can easily I can carry the tackle-box to my miniature gardens and play right in front of the garden. It stores them safely and it’s easy to tuck-away too.

And, okay, it’s fun to have all your minis in one spot so you can see them. You know it. But, be warned, if you choose a bigger tackle-box, you will fill probably it up – but that’s not a bad thing. :o)

(There’s a rule somewhere where some of us tend to automatically expand into the space were given – like me!)

You can see the tubs aren’t big enough for the furniture and bigger accessories, so I’ve resorted to a cardboard tray to get things to the miniature garden. It’s an okay-way to store my miniatures but a fishing-tackle-box is a much better – the different-sized compartments are very fun to use and handy too. Everything closes up after you’re done AND it’s got a carry-handle! (It’s the little things, isn’t it?)

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And have a Happy Easter! If you don’t celebrate Easter, please have a Happy Spring Weekend!

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