Election year. Two words that will send anyone running – far away – as fast as possible.

And while the polly-ticians amp-up their campaigns, one is sowing mass confusion and chaos, the other is actually governing for truth and equity, it’s gonna get even uglier.

So, when a popular garden blogger that I follow, posted the other day, “The older I get, the more I realize I don’t want to be around drama or stress. I want a cozy home, good food, a beautiful garden, and to be surround by the people and animals I love.” I knew I had to say something and I did. (I got a “like” by the author. Lol!)

Of course, anyone would choose the latter lifestyle, but it’s just not realistic.

While no one necessarily chooses stress and drama, it’s inevitable in any life, regardless of these turbulent times we’re in right now. And we know that if the stress and drama is constant, that it is not healthy for the mind and body either.

But we can’t depend on everyone else to fight the good fight for us while we have a “cozy” life and hide from the hard work we need to do: which is to leave this earth in good shape for future generations. So, we need a way to deal with the stress, while taking care of ourselves, so we don’t leave our own cup dry.

You can’t “give” if there is nothing left to give.

Queue: The Joy of Missing Out

If you’ve never heard of JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, it’s the opposite of FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out. Being afraid of missing out on an experience, a trend or a social event, running to catch up, to stay on top, to be in the know. This is especially prevalent online where the algorithms that are built into in Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or any online social platform, and are designed to keep you clicking, scrolling and watching – all. the. time. night. and. day.

JOMO, flies in the face of that – thankfully!

Also Known As “Balance.”

Knowing when your cup is getting empty. Knowing when you have had enough and can’t take ‘it’ anymore. Knowing when you’re about to lose it, and let the lightening bolts fly out of your palms to remedy to the immediate situation… (Can you tell I’m a fan of super-hero movies? Lol!)

Just knowing that you’re getting close to DONE is critical. It’s imperative. It’s vital.

Because THAT’S when you need some serious “JOMO.”

But the trick is not to let it get that far, right?

Now that we know what it is and why we need it: the patience needed to tend to the stresses of life is like a cup, and that cup needs to be refilled from time to time with peace, solitude and grounding.

That’s why your favorite hobby is important. Escaping to get grounded, to do something you love as a distraction or an escape, can be routine so you never get that point where the lightening bolts start flying.

So, What Can JOMO Do For YOU?

Here’s the Google definition: “JOMO is an acronym for the “joy of missing out”. It’s a philosophy that involves intentionally disconnecting from social media and other digital distractions to recharge and focus on yourself. “

Recharge. Rejuvenate. Taking a break is a thing. Taking a break is necessary.

This will give you the power to:

  • have the patience to deal with people.
  • be able to endure the hectic daily schedule with calm composure.
  • be present for your kids and family.
  • work out problems subconsciously – or at least come up with a way forward.
  • be objective about your life in general, dropping the things that don’t serve your soul and focusing on the things that feed it instead.
  • in other words, time to decompress and to think.

This Thing is Guilt-Free

Let me reinforce the secret to doing this guilt-free: The premise behind JOMO is to “fill your cup” so you can, in turn, be better equipped to navigate this modern life. By taking some quality “me-time” you can rejuvenate your spirit and return to the everyday with grace. Equanimous is fancy word for it, meaning calm and composed.

So if you’re often overwhelmed, feeling down and cranky (speaking from experience,) this is something to definitely try. It’s really helped me out this past year with the unforeseen changes that are inevitably part of my life now. Taking quality, focused time for ME helped get back to work, back on track and inspired again.

And here is your permission to do the same. If anyone has a problem with you doing this, just send them to me. :o)

Now, go make a miniature garden and send me a photo of it. Then you can go back to fighting the good fight.

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