The Miniature Garden Society

The Miniature Garden Society was started in 2015 as a resource for like-minded people to connect and grow together through this wonderful hobby of Gardening in Miniature.

Today, with members from all over the world, this community-website boasts over 200 pages and it filled with inspiration, innovation and information on all aspects of the hobby. 

You will not find this type of community any where else.

We’re still growing the website too. With more projects, deeper insight into growing and maintaining older miniature gardens as well as a miniature plant directory, filled with even more insight into how the plants grow and how to maintain them so you can make much better choices for your miniature gardens that fit into your lifestyle.

The following are a few blogs that highlight how very different we are here at the Miniature Garden Society. 

To see if you are a good fit for the Miniature Garden Society, find a LOT more about the MGS website here.


Philadelphia Flower Show Miniature Garden Demonstration & Book Signing

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