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Please use the contact form to get in touch with us if you have a question about our products or services. Otherwise, please leave a comment on the blog post that spawned the question. There are points for being courteous. 

We are online only and do not have a physical address yet. Please join our email list to receive updates of any future markets, shows or appearances here. 

  • Online Only
  • Based in Seattle, Washington
  • 206-352-0494
  • Info @ (with no spaces)


Selling something?

We are not interested in any B2B opportunities unless you are:

  • – a maker of quality wholesale realistic miniatures that can be used outdoors
  • – grow high-quality miniature plants
  • – or have a serious interest spreading the joy of gardening in miniature.

Announcements and cold emails on unrelated products will be ignored and marked as spam.

Any advertising opportunities or link placement will be ignored and marked as spam.

We do not give out any proprietary information so please don’t bother asking.

Looking for our online store, more information, or more about who we are? Visit our FAQ page on our other website here:

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