Miniature Garden Designs & Ideas

Find your next idea for a new miniature garden. Inspiration can come in many forms, from a single tree to a special occasion. So, what’s your next miniature garden theme going to be?

TOP TIP: You might have a tendency to overload the miniature garden with accessories at first, and then planting the odd plant or two so you can get a “garden” in somewhere, but consider a tree or shrub or two at the very start of your design process. The miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs will be instant anchors for your garden design, and they will add taller layers to the overall backdrop of the garden bed. Choose slow-growing ones and they will grow along with you, and your hobby.

Miniature Garden Containers
How to Grow Your Own World Your Own Way

How to Grow Your Own World Your Own Way

Welcome back to the only blog dedicated to the hobby of gardening in miniature! In case you missed it, I just finished renovating this 16-year-old Mini Garden Guru blog over the last year and, boy, that was a feat. I think I would have preferred to paint my entire...

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