Indoor Miniature
Garden Plants

Remember the Golden Garden Rule: “Put the right plant in the right place.” This applies to miniature gardening too – it’s still a garden, but it’s much smaller! 

The Other Golden Garden Rule: “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”

TOP TIP: Indoor plants are tropical plants that like to stay above 60F all year long. This is why you’ll see what we call “houseplants” up north, thriving in an outdoor garden bed in Florida. Please refer to the “Other Golden Garden Rule” above if you are thinking of trying to grow an outdoor tree, that is not a tropical tree, indoors.

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Indoor miniature tropical garden
More About Indoor Miniature Gardening + Gallery

More About Indoor Miniature Gardening + Gallery

An indoor miniature garden with a Monteray cypress and a Sugar Vine.  This pot is about 12" wide. ~ Don’t you just love this hobby? The seasons changing can only mean another miniature garden and now you can make one for the indoors! Do you want a wee...

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