Maintaining Your Miniature Garden

Ideas, tips and techniques for maintaining your miniature garden, wether it lives in a container or in-ground.

Top Tip: Grow with it. Go with the seasons and the plant’s natural cycles. Most plants grow most in the spring, maintain in the summer, go to sleep in the fall and rest in the winter. Thinking about what stage the plant’s growth is, this will guide you on when to prune (late winter,) feed (spring & summer,) or divide your plants (late winter/early spring.)

Miniature Garden Renovation with
Get Out! Enjoying Spring in the Mini Garden

Get Out! Enjoying Spring in the Mini Garden

The Loowit Canada Hemlock in spring. The tiny buds look like ornaments. Very sweet. I've got my fleece hoodie on, my wool socks and a hat - and I'm inside in my office. It's March in the PNW, did someone forget to order spring? I'm itching to get out in my garden and...

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